Station 300 Grandville is a no-stress zone, because our birthday packages offer an easy and affordable answer for every party and budget. As far as the party is concerned, that is. After you send out your invitations, all you need to do is bring the kids, we do the rest! If you have a theme and/or decorating idea you’re free to deck out your tables and chairs, but that’s not necessary. Our professional staff is prepared with all the tableware, plates, cups etc. They will provide bowling rules and walk you through the entire process. What you end up with is a fun, family-friendly bowling party where “fun” is the operative word every time you visit.

Tips for a great kid’s birthday party!

Q: What will the parents need to do?

A: As little or much as you like. Our team at Station 300 Grandville is here to make sure your special day is truly special!

Q: What about shoes and bowling balls?

A: Shoe rental & house bowling balls are included in your party package. We have lightweight balls and shoes to fit everyone.

Q: What should we bring?

A: Bring a birthday cake (and a smile) and we will take it from there. Oh, make sure your phone is charged up so you can grab lots of pictures for sharing on social media!

Q: Will little kids be able to knock down pins?

A: YES! At Station 300 Grandville we have bumpers to keep the ball on the lane so everyone will have FUN!

Are you ready to host your child’s best birthday party ever?


8 person minimum

kids birthday parties
  •  $15.00 per particpant
  • 1 hour bowling and shoes
  • Pizza and Beverages
  • Personal Party Host and * Set Up

Set up includes table cloth, napkins, cups and plastic ware
18% gratuity added

Bowling and Arcade

8 person minimum

birthday kids
  • 18.00 per participant
  • 1 hour of bowling and shoes
  • Pizza and Beverages
  • $10 Arcade Card for birthday child
  • $ 5 Arcade Card for guests under 12
  • Personal Party Host and *set up

Set up includes table cloths, napkins, cups and plastic ware.  %18 gratuity added

Use the form below, or call us at 616-534-2695 to request a date for your party!

$20 fee for any birthday cake brought in for those who do not purchase an above bowling party package.